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Fast Food Is The Term Given To Food That Can Be Prepared and Served Very Quickly

Concentration Time Fertigation is applied with very good results for high value crops vegetables, fruit trees, grapevine with equipment consisting of hydraulic injection devices which work together with drip irrigation installations or micro-irrigation installations. When applying fertilizing substances using the method of fertigation, it is very important that users understand the main issues regarding the compatibility and solubility of the compounds of these chemicals, being able to acknowledge that certain substances should not be mixed within the tank, while others should not be injected into the system simultaneously.

Tests under experimental conditions with fertigation equipment have been performed within the laboratory of the Bucharest-Berceni Horticulture Research Institute, involving the operation of a drip irrigation installation.

The concentration of the fertilizing solution should not exceed values from which there is api fat burner avansat side high risk of corrosion to either installation components or to the injection pump.

The fertigation installation as a technical solution represents the subject of the Patents — RO no. Especially, two omega-3 fatty acids, ie 5,8,11,14, eicosapentaenoic acid EPA, and 4,7,10,13,16,docosahexaenoic acid DHA,are important functional constituents of the human body. The objective of this study was to develop a model to estimate the physical data by Quantitative Structure- Property Relationship QSPR methods, focusing on for some ethyl esters of the most common fatty acids.

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If these methods are formulated for an individual component of FAME, then it is possible to extend them for the components present in mixture. Presently, the QSPR methods are based on simple descriptors like molecular mass, number of double bonds and number of carbon atoms in the fatty acid moiety. The fatty acid ethyl esters were prepared by transesterification of triglycerides from fish oils with ethanol in basic catalysis, followed by purification by distillation.

In previous work TurboMoles was used to estimate boiling temperature of pure esters at different pressures, and compared with published data.

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To improve the quality of prediction by molecular calculations, a modification is proposed to molecule total energy in gas phase, to cope the experimental data. Antoine model coefficients for considered esters were calculated with both computing instruments. Comparing the modified boiling temperatures, better agreement between experimental data and calculations is obtained. Since the present results revealed a promising perspective, future research will be targeted to calculations of liquid-vapor equilibria.

Therefore the production of large amounts of lipids from microalgae involves the production of a large deal of protein, which can in fact be expected to double the amount of lipids produced. So, it is clear that the protein production must be valorised to make the process economically positive.

Extraction of added-value protein fractions from algal biomass for techno-functional applications in feeds, soil enhancers or as a source of nutrients for the cultivation of microalge in mixotrophic culture, can considerably increase the commercial value of microalgal biomass.

Fast Food Is The Term Given To Food That Can Be Prepared and Served Very Quickly

This paper focuses on the development of a process for enzymatic hydrolysis of cell proteins in green microalga Desmodesmus communis. An important direction for recovery of crude glycerol, obtained as biodiesel by- product, is transformation in additives and components for classic fuels and biodiesel. Due to the high content of oxygen in the structure, glycerin derivatives improves viscosity, lubrication and reduce particulate emissions 1.

Such recovery cause biodiesel cost optimization become profitable. The synthesized catalyst was characterized by X-ray diffraction, thermogravimetric analysis and FT-IR spectroscopy.

The best conditions to maximize glycerol conversion and yield towards glycerol acetal are : molar ratio ketone to glycerol 1.

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The obtained glycerol compound was tested as diesel fuel component. The quality parameters of diesel fuel studied were pour point properties, viscosity and flash point. Reference 1. Diesel fuel compositions with reduced particulate emission, containing glycerol acetal derivatives. Patent USA1; Asteraceae a herb from Romanian spontaneous flora is well known in traditional medicine for their therapeutical properties 1,2.

The major compounds are: tariful de subțire pentru bărbați, flavanone glycosides triterpenenes, saponides, sterols, and minerals In recent years there have been numerous researches on biological, immunomodulating and antioxidant activities of Eupatoria cannabium extracts but there are still contradictions relative to this issue.

The paper investigates bioactive compounds, especially free amino acids and peptides from plant extract. References [1].

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Li, Y. Zhao, Y. Yang, X. Li,Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 39 —; [2]. Onunogbo, C. Stroescu, V. Pharmacological basis of medical practice, Ed. Medicala, Bucuresti.

Plante medicinale de la A la Z, monografii ale produselor de api fat burner avansat side therapeutic. T Popa. Iasi, In this favorable context, our research was focused on a new process for obtaining of aviation biofuel, in stringent requirements to the specification of ASTMsuch as freezing point, combustion properties, thermal oxidation stability, viscosity, etc.

The technological concept is based on complete valorisation of algal biomass, using an integrated system wherein bio-feedstock is subjected first of all to a step of oil extraction to produce algal oil and then the second step dehydrating of de-oiled algal biomass comprising carbohydrates, api fat burner avansat side the presence of catalysts to yield furan derivatives. Algal oil and furan derivatives will be transformed by hydrogenation in hydroxyl compounds.

These are suitable for, or as a blending component for, uses such as an aviation fuel. It is produced by fermentation of sugars derived from starch or other sugar feedstocks.

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The development of continuous fermentation process enables automation of the production installation with significant operation cost reduction. The yeast should be immobilized on a support if the continuous fermentation process is carried out in a plug-flow reactor. This study investigates the performance of Saccharomyces cerevisae yeast immobilized on two types of polymeric supports polyacrylamide and calcium alginate for the production of bioethanol from beet molasses.

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The activity of the immobilized yeast is analyzed also in comparison to the free yeast in suspension. The influences of the type of support and of fermentation conditions over the parameters for obtaining ethanol are underlined in this work.

The immobilized yeast was tested in a batch reactor for the fermentation of some molasses solutions. The fermentation rates and the yield of the process were examined to describe the consumption of sugars and the production of ethanol. Bioethanol concentration in the fermentation mixture was determined by gas chromatographic analyses.

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The sugars type and concentration were determined by HPLC analyses. The effect of different concentrations of molasses on the production of ethanol was evaluated. The inner and the outer surfaces of the fresh and immobilized beads of yeast api fat burner avansat side were scrutinized by means of scanning electronic microscopy.

The immobilization of yeast on polyacrylamide gel or calcium alginate proceeds with high ethanol production. The advantage of using immobilized yeast on polyacrylamide gel is that the granules are more resistant, and they keep their shape during the fermentation process.

IndependenteiBucharest, Romania Certain enzymes, especially oxidoreductases, have the potential for biotransformation of hydrophobic compounds. However, the poor solubility of such compounds in water is a critical problem for industrial applications.

To overcome this problem, enzymatic reactions of alcohol oxidase in a non-conventional medium, as a special type of water-in-oil micro emulsion reverse micelles have been performed.

The tested substrates were alcohols with 1 to 4 atoms of carbon, linear or branched, saturated or unsaturated, aliphatic or aromatic.


Substrates susceptible to the conversion catalyzed by alcohol oxidase are differentiated by their degree of polarity which is materialized in the case of AOT-isooctane reverse micelles through different miscibility of the substrates between the two major phases of the reaction environment polar aqueous microenvironment and apolar organic phase.

The catalytic activity of the studied enzyme for various substrates was performed in a large range of hydration degree w0taking into the account that hydration degree is considering to define the characteristics of the reverse micellar environment. However, the enlargement availability of substrates with higher hydrofobicity did not modified the substrate specificity of alcohol oxidase in aqueous medium.

The most important advantage of this new medium is the increased either of the range of substrates which are compatible with the enzymatic reaction and the performance of the reaction in a pseudo-homogeneous water-apolar solvent medium. One of the most promising natural polymers for being used as drug carrier is chitosan due to its well known properties biocompatibility, biodegradability, nontoxicity and mocoadhesivity.

The characterization of nanoparticles implied FTIR analysis of nanoparticles for evidentiation of the chitosan chemical crosslinking, the morphology of microspheres was evaluated by scanning electron microscopy; the particles size distribution of the products, were measured by laser diffractometry using a Shimadzu laser diffractometer.

A et al. The immunosensor strips were assembled by covalent immobilizing of the biological component the AFB1 conjugated to bovine serum albumin to a self-assembled thiol monolayer on gold. The method proposed here avoids the use of an immunoaffinity column, which is an expensive and time-consuming step in sample preparation for AFB1 determination by the standard HPLC method.

Preliminary data indicate that the developed electrochemical immunosensor is acceptable for analyses of AFB1 at the level required by the official EU regulations. Prieto-Simon, M. Campas, J. Marty, T. Noguer, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 23 Owino, A. Ignaszak, A. Al-Ahmed, P. Alemu, J.

Ngila, E. Iwuoha, Anal. The objective of this study was to obtain new nanostructured composite materials, composed primarily of products based on alkaline phosphatase-ALP EC3. Thus we have developed a laboratory scale experimental method for alkaline phosphatase immobilization by physical adsorption on biopolymer support method.

Various types of scaffolds were prepared by varying compositions of alkaline phosphatase, collagen and chitosan. The results obtained are promissing regarding the use of these supports to ALP immobilization, the enzyme having a large practical use, opening a new perspective for its use in different skin tissue engineering.

JUN F. In this work the methane produced from wastewater polluted with organic compounds, distillation residue of winery alcohol, processed fruit and other agricultural products are examined as renewable energy sources.


The biogas production from these waters for energy purposes requires the enhancing of biomethane contents in biogas, removal of H2S and other harmful compounds from it. There are possible approaches that can allow to achieve this goal.

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In this paper we propose several chemical processes, experimentally tested, that made it possible to achieve the desired scope: - intensification of methanogenesis process using phytochemical catalysts that increase the process rate, respectively decrease the fermentation time up to